Get Connected At First

At First we believe in the power of connections to change lives. We want to encourage every one who attends to get connected to this vibrant body of Christ. No matter what stage of life you are in there is a place for you to connect and a place for you to serve here at First. We hope you will take some time and discover where you best fit in "Living Out."

Adult Small Groups

We have been created to live in community and not in isolation. Physically, we do live in a community, but spiritually, socially, and relationally we often live our lives in isolation. Often we find ourselves with no one to turn to when we have a major issue that has just surfaced in our life. Living in community affords us the opportunity to more wholly experience God through close relationships as we play and pray together, as we encourage and help one another, and as we study and live out God’s word together.

At First, a small group usually consists of 7-15 attendees in various life stages who meet on a regular basis. These groups are about establishing relationships that encourage us to grow. The relationships that develop through these groups can last a lifetime, and can be a sustaining force through the seasons of life. 


Island kids Small Groups

At First it is not just parents who need to be in community to develop. We believe that even children should have a small group where they can practice and prioritize faith with their peers. The opportunity for kids to develop relationships with one another and with the church is a distinct part of our DNA. We believe that through connecting with a small group and developing relationships and faith practices early on kids are less likely to leave church when they go out on their own.


Youth ministry

Youth are in important part of everything we do at First. We seek to connect youth to God, to one another, and to their community through intentional relationships that foster a deep concern for spiritual and personal development. The focus of our youth ministry is to use a variety of events and activities to help students encounter the Gospel of Jesus in their own loves. We desire to raise up and empower the next generation to advance God's kingdom. 

Discipling students in at the heart of everything that we do at First. We believe that for our students to thrive on their journey with Jesus they need deep relationships with those who are further along on their journey. Our ministry approach is to be a caring and accepting community that fosters growth through small groups, a large group gathering where students can encounter God through worship, and teaching, and other events such as camp and winter retreat. 

We are centered around discipleship relationships to foster an environment for our students to thrive on their journey with Jesus. Our ministry approach is based on a caring community and small groups where Godly relationships can develop - a gathering for students to encounter God through worship, teaching and other events, such as mission trips and summer camp.

Sunday Mornings:

9:30 Pancakes in the Youth Wing

9:45 Bible study in both large and small group formats

Sunday Mornings:

6:30 Small Groups

Wednesday Night:

6pm in the Youth Wing

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Music Ministry

The music ministry at First seeks to use music and song to lead people to glorify God, and to experience life transformation. Each week the praise team leads us to enter God's divine presence though thanksgiving, praise, and worship. 

Accomplishing this requires a group of people who use their gifts and talents to serve God and minister to the hearts of His people. We would love to have you get involved. If you play an instrument, sing, or dance, we invite you to consider joining our worship family. Our Tech Team is always looking for sound techs, operators, and more. We would love to have you serve with us as we worship God, and lead people in worship.  If you are interested in being a part of our team, please contact us today!