At First we believe in the power of connections, because connections begin relationships and relationships change lives. We are convinced that there are three essential ways to connect, Up with God, In with your church family, and Out with the world. We believe that God has called us to be a people living on mission for him and connections are the avenue to do missions in God's world. 

Connecting Up

We believe that the first, and most important, connection that anyone can have is a connection with God. At First we attempt to intentionally create experiences that foster a deep intimate connection with the living God of the universe. From our worship experiences, to missional opportunities we believe that the first step in living out God's word,  is to connect with Him. A connection with God begins a relationship with God and that relationship will transform your life.

Connecting In

Second to a connection with God we are convinced of the importance of deep abiding Christian relationships within your church family. At First we are convinced of people's need for a place of belonging, and we attempt to foster deep abiding connections between people who regularly participate in our fellowship. There are a number of ways that this connection happens but a core way is through being involved in a small group or life group. Small groups and life groups meet in different places throughout the week. We have groups that meet on campus Sunday mornings, and in homes during the week. If you want to connect with a small group click here.

Connecting Out

The final piece of connection is a connection to our community. At First we call the connecting out piece living on mission. Each time we end a worship event together we are commissioned and sent out as missionaries to the world. Our job in the world is to make connections with people, to build relationships, and to advance the cause of Christ through those relationships. At First we attempt to foster this outward connection piece through our intentional mission efforts to find out more about those click here